About Us

Our Founder-Chairman, Mr Rajendra Prasad Jhawar started with a humble beginning of supplying Industrial Chemicals in Government sector in early 1980's. With his visionary business acumen and never being satisfied attitude, propelled Amjey Group into acquiring Agencies from Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd (HOCL) and Rashtriya Chemical Fertiizers Ltd (RCF) venturing into supply to private sector which was growing multifold. He always emphasized on importance of Team and local marketing/sales presence. Walking on those lines, we opened our offices in Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Hyderabad. The move helped us give 5 star experience to our customers which has been designed and created elaborately over the period of time.

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Our Core Values
  • New Opportunities
    We are proactively seeking new ways to generate value through expansion of economic activity and creatively responding to challenges and needs encountered in the process of accomplishing this outcome.
    • Nurturing Entrpeneurship
      We encourage our people to take business risks to create an economic infrastructure, which allows these business risks to bear fruit. Entrepreneurship fuels creativity which encourages to get an edge over the competitors.
    • Individual Productivity
      Since we are only as strong as our people, we encourage them to work hard, play hard, and rest hard. Whenever possible, we help cultivate their passions.
    • Never Being Satisfied
      We see being great at something as a starting point, not an endpoint.Ultimately, our constant dissatisfaction with the way things are becomes the driving force behind everything we do.
    • Knowledge Enhancement
      We encourage our team to learn: to pursue their passions, listen to one another, and access new knowledge at conferences, the library, on blogs, and via other hands-on means. Oh, and to ask more questions.
Our Core Purpose
To serve as a sourcing specialist that is recognised for its efficiency, reliability and high quality of products and services.
Rural Health Care Foundation
Amjey Group is commited to improve the basic facilities in the Health and Medical Sector to the economically deprived sections of the Society. We are currently supporting Rural Health Care Foundation which sets up primary health centers in most interior and backward areas of rural West Bengal.
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We aspire to enter further into the field of Healthcare and Educataion.


Rajendra Jhawar

Chairman and Founder

Ashok Jhawar

CEO and Co-Founder

Amit Jhawar

Director of Marketing

Sumit Jhawar

Director of Business Development




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RCF Agency


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Hyderabad Office


Delhi Office


Mumbai-New Headquarters


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